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  • Heather DiLallo Looking forward to Q2014 at Trevecca!!
    profile 120 days ago
  • Heather DiLallo and Luke Dare are now friends
    friends 455 days ago
  • Heather DiLallo Anyone here going to the TriState invitational at MVNU this weekend? It's gonna be a lot of fun :). Can't wait!
    profile 519 days ago
  • Heather DiLallo Had an incredible time at the Kentucky invitational last weekend. A big thanks to Matt Thrasher for hosting. We really enjoyed it.
    profile 551 days ago
  • Heather DiLallo Q was the best week of quizzing in a long time!! I enjoyed every minute of worship, quizzing and fellowship. I met so many new people. Thanks to everyone who helped make it possible :)
    profile 648 days ago
  • tracy boyd and Matt Thrasher are now friends
    friends 662 days ago
  • Heather DiLallo Looking forward to Q! Only 23 days to go!
    profile 678 days ago
    Heather DiLallo Same to you, Cora! I'll see you there!670 days ago
  • Heather DiLallo We had regionals this past weekend. It went awesome. Glory to God for everything! I can't believe it! Our local team placed third and I got 9th place individually. Our district team won it all. It was so close. We had to quiz the same team 3x (all three in a row for us). We won the first time then they did and then we pulled it out. Phew! :). I made the top 10 quizoff for regional teams. I started
    profile 706 days ago
    Dr. Robert Mansfield Congratulations703 days ago
  • Heather DiLallo Just finished the top 36 quizoff to determine district teams. I placed 1st overall and made the A team. My little brother made the B team in his first year. Axis had 4 of the top 5. It was such a great day. I'm glad it's over and the stress is lessened. :)
    profile 745 days ago
    Heather DiLallo Yes, I will definitely be praying for all of you! Good luck! :)735 days ago
  • Heather DiLallo Just had team finals. Our church got 1st and 2nd in our district. I got 2nd place individually. Can't wait for district team quizoff and then regionals!!
    profile 759 days ago
    Cora Cummins Great job Heather!! Keep up the good work! :)754 days ago
  • Heather DiLallo Super excited for Indy on Saturday!!!!
    profile 769 days ago
  • Heather DiLallo Just had our February district quiz this weekend. Our team came in 2nd by 10 points on the last question. :( So close! I tied for 2nd with at least 2 other people. We had a lot of fun. Looking forward to Indy in a few weeks!
    profile 780 days ago
    Heather DiLallo Thanks so much. I hope things go well for you as well. and I will also be praying. :)766 days ago